Even in the digital age, business cards remain essential to many businesses and individuals. Whether exchanged at a conference or dropped in a takeout bag, business cards do more than share contact information—they offer a tangible connection that encourages recipients to follow up. Whatever the application, a distinctive design is essential to capture attention and contribute to a consistent brand image. MegaStore prints high-quality cards in a variety of shapes and sizes to help clients achieve standout results. 

Dentist Folded Business Card


Gone are the days when business cards came in a single size and shape. Today, brands can select from many options to find the format that best suits their vision.

  • Standard (Horizontal). Standard business cards are the classic 2″ x 3.5″ cards that have dominated business for decades. While they won’t stand out because of their shape, there are many benefits to selecting a standard card. Because they have been the conventional layout for decades, recipients can quickly identify critical information. Similarly, since they are the same shape as most other cards, they are the most convenient to store—especially for those who receive many cards at a single event. The flipside of using a standard layout, of course, is that it is more difficult to make your card stand out among a uniform stack. You will need to be more creative with your design if you hope to attract attention.
  • Vertical. Vertical 3.5″ x 2″ cards strike the ideal balance between conventional and creative. They retain the typical business card shape, so they are just as convenient and cost-effective as standard cards. At the same time, flipping the layout on its side yields an eye-catching and modern design. Vertical cards are ideal for designs that consist primarily of images, logos, or graphics. Limiting the width to 2″ may be a problem for text-heavy designs as there is less room to keep fonts at a legible size.
  • Magnetic. Magnetic business cards are a fun and practical way to encourage recipients to keep cards close at hand. Since they can be placed on the fridge, they are unlikely to be lost, and their prominent placement keeps your brand on the clients’ minds. They are also thicker and stronger than standard cards, making them resistant to folds or tears. Still, they take the standard 2″ x 3.5″ shape, so they remain lightweight and easy to distribute. The primary disadvantage of these cards is limited design space, as the back of the card is occupied by a magnet. They are also slightly more expensive than paper cards. Overall, as long as your design fits on one side of a standard card, a magnetic card can be a unique and effective promotional tool. 
  • Fold-Over Business Cards. Clients with complex designs might consider fold-over business cards which, at 4″ x 3.5″, offer twice as much space as the typical card. Not only does the tented design stand out of its own accord, but the size of these cards allows for maximum creative freedom. The extra space makes these cards ideal for loyalty cards, mini portfolios, and other complicated design challenges.
  • Short-Style. Megastore offers a unique short-style design with a height of 1.75″ rather than 2″. These cards offer just enough space for an impactful design, with the unconventional size drawing even more attention to strategically placed elements. Of course, while the smaller size presents an opportunity for creativity, it also demands intentionality and may not be ideal for more complex designs.
  • Square. Square 2.5″ x 2.5″ cards instantly catch the eye and stand out—literally—among a sea of 2″ tall cards. Working from a square canvas makes it easy to create something memorable. However, as with other non-standard sizes, square cards present additional design constraints. Clients planning a simple design or hoping to use a template may have more success with a standard size.


spot color business cards

MegaStore prints premium business cards in a variety of shapes and materials:

All of these styles are available in a variety of paper stocks and with vivid color printing. MegaStore’s experts can help you explore these options to determine the best fit for your needs.


MegaStore offers superior-quality business cards featuring a diverse range of shapes and styles. Whatever your specifications, we deliver clear prints quickly and at a competitive price point. To learn how our business cards can give you a competitive edge, contact MegaStore today.

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