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The power is in the folds

Megastore Printing offers effective, quality brochures that put your message in the hands of your audience inexpensively. Our regular and special folds provide limitless ways for you to tell your story with a brochure. Just chose the size of paper you want and we have many templates with the correct spacings and margins to provide you a professionally designed brochure.

half fold brochure


tri fold brochure


3 fold brochure

Double Parallel Fold

z fold brochure


accordion fold brochure

Accordion Fold



2 fold brochure

Half Tri-Fold

gate fold brochure

Open Gate Fold

3 fold brochure

Closed Gate Fold

roll fold brochure


Design Guides

NOTE: For brochures without folding options, please see our flyer products and templates. They are available in some of the same size and paper options.

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