What Is Wide Format Printing?

Print marketing remains an effective method of advertising a product or business, even in today’s digital world. It offers companies advertising versatility through an array of print media, which includes everything from business cards, catalogs, and brochures to larger options like posters, signs, and banners. Wide format printing is only one subsection of this marketing …

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Best Types of Business Cards

Even in the digital age, business cards remain essential to many businesses and individuals. Whether exchanged at a conference or dropped in a takeout bag, business cards do more than share contact information—they offer a tangible connection that encourages recipients to follow up. Whatever the application, a distinctive design is essential to capture attention and …

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design tools

5 Tools For Designing An Amazing Product Online With No Design Skills

We have an AMAZING online editor on MegastorePrinting.com that provides the tools for designing a masterpiece without any design experience! NOTE: You will want to make an account and login before beginning. That way, you can upload your images and save your designs for later. These will only be available in you accounts. Go to …

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vinyl banners

Vinyl Banners, What You Need To Know

Custom vinyl banners are a very cost-effective marketing tool. Use them for an eye-catching way to promote your message, event, or brand. Megastore Printing provides more sizes and types of vinyl banners than any other online vendor does. Our 55-plus years of sign and banner work have made us a leading provider of quality banners. …

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brochure marketing


Multi-channel marketing has always been the most effective way to promote your brand’s message. Marketing’s goal, as always, is to get new and keep existing customers. To do this effectively, your message must be visible wherever your customers look- and the Internet is NOT the only place they look! In this blog, we will discuss …

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online printing value

Online Printing Services vs Local Printers

Online vs local printing Many retail and service oriented industries have turned to e-commerce to sell their goods and services. Consumers and businesses want the convenience of being able to shop online, and continue to do so in ever-increasing numbers. The printing industry has changed to meet these needs. As a result, it is now …

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direct mail, EDDM postcards


Many marketers feel that “traditional” forms of marketing, such as direct mail, are outdated and inefficient. However, direct mail still shows its value with one of the best response rates among all marketing mediums. Direct mail’s response rate is very high even among younger audiences. So, direct mail postcards are powerful marketing! Direct mail response …

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custom light boxes for posters

Light Boxes Add A “Wow” Factor To Marketing Posters

Light boxes and light-up frames are not only for “high-end” use, such as jewelry stores. Actually, they are very relevant to more conventional and casual settings. Restaurants, retail storefronts, small businesses, artists, and photographers all use light box frames to give their messages more “pop”. Megastore Printing has many light box and frame options, all …

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